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Photo Stories  
  Stories Every moment of our life has a legend. Some of these are visible while others are not. A good photographer is able to recite these marked stories of existence with his camera. Photography is an evident anecdotal proof of the saga of time.
That is the passion of a photographer. See photos
  Places Joy of seeing the unseen lies between the daily burden of life and serenity. A place of loneliness, where one can search his own soul and calm his heat, soothing the emotion with the raw creation of the God, be the destination.
A step aside your normal existence may bring the feeling of heaven with the dew drops on the grass and the sparking rays of the sun. So be it… See photos
  Events India is a country with events all the time, everywhere. Being it fairs and festivals, India is culturally very rich to have numerous events, full of colours and joy.
India and her people can be felt in the events of fairs and festivals. The pulse of Indian heritage and culture boosts the enthuism of the mass. See photos
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