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Cradle of the Gods


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  God created man is the word of faith…the property that man did not possessed when he was created. With the basic instinct of fear devouring the weakest spirit roused the rule of the Gods. The ruthless nature of the primitive earth endlessly shook the peaceful livelihood of our ancestors. The dazzling light of the lightning, the crackling sound of the thunder, the destruction of the flooding waters introduced a new sensation in the living world…fear. Constant failure to combat the strong natural powers, man with developed hypothalamus focused on pacifying them. Hence born the Gods. The God of fire, the God of water, the God of earth ruled man when he was a child. After childhood when the race of mankind entered the new world of self-consciousness there came the need for Gods of wealth, prosperity, health, farming, education etc.
I doubt how many bothered to remember the God, who created the world; everyone cared about the Gods they created around themselves. To worship Gods man made idols looking more like themselves with superadded hands, eyes etc. With the new Gods evolved a new profession…the ‘kumors’, or the Idol makers.
Hindus worshiped numerous Gods and thus the ‘kumors, remain busy throughout the year. On specific days of the year specific Gods are worshiped and the studios of the idol makers produce idols of Gods with bamboo, hay, clay, clothes and colours. Initially the strong frame for the idol is prepared with bamboo. The hay, tied accordingly by ropes gives the shape to the desired idol. Next clay is applied for the final shape. The clay applied has to be prepared according the need. Clothing and colours are added finally. The ‘kumors’ are sculptures as well as painters. They colour the idols skillfully and draw the eyes to make the idol dynamic. Though they produce God for worship they are rarely blessed by Him. They are poor and dare to dream of a life with good food, clothing and shelter. When people enjoy the days of festivity they remain in the darkness of poverty and ignorance. When people burn up money in the mood of merriment they hardly bother to think about the lives of the ‘kumors’, without whom the joy would not have been possible.
Traditional idols are now a day obsolete and rarely worshiped only in some heritage households. The demand for thematic idols is growing fast and anyhow faith and fear are overruled by the passion of joy, festivity and merriment.
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