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Good Garbage


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  With the exponential growth of human population in India, one of the developing countries of the world, the management of the waste produced from the households has become a challenge. Various action plans have been taken and many of them have been successfully implemented. One of them is the operation of vermicomposting plants in municipalities.
Under the Megacity project various municipalities of west Bengal successfully started working with the vermicomposting projects. Bhadreswar Municipality started its plant in the year 2006 (Feb). Every household in the area are supplied with covered buckets where they are instructed to collect the household wastes. The contents of the buckets are collected daily by municipal workers and are dumped in local covered vats. From the local vats the garbage is transferred daily to remote garbage filling ground, where the waste is sorted manually for any non-biodegradable wastes, like plastics, glasses, metals etc.
Only the biodegradable products, mainly comprising of vegetable wastes are dumped and allowed to decompose in open air for about 4 weeks. Next the waste is mixed with cow dung to form a mixture ready to be shifted to pits. In the pits layers of waste and cow dung are prepared alternately.
Earthworms are grown in separate pits and are placed in the garbage inside the pits. These worms help in decomposing the waste and increase the nitrogen content of the fertilizer. After about 2 weeks the pits are ready with natural fertilizer.
There are about 20 pits in the plant where fertilizers of high potential are produced. The ready fertilizer is then manually winnowed and packaged for sale.
Initially the project was a grand success and all the plants were actively working to meet the growing demand. But now most of the plants have been closed. Customers are more attracted towards chemical fertilizers. Lack of information about the benefits of biological fertilizers and proper propaganda among the farmers regarding proper use of this environment friendly compost have made these ,very potential, plants sick. Bhadreswar municipality still manages to run the plant at its own fund and manages to get some customers but time will say whether it will survive or not without proper government aids and policy.
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